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Oso mud slide alternate race route

Due to the Oso mud slide, an alternate route may be used (only differing by 5 miles in total mileage). See the race route page for updates as progress re-opening the highway is tracked throughout the summer. Current estimates have Highway 530 open by early September, but if the highway is open in time for the race in late August we will follow the original route through Oso.

2014 alternate route around Oso mud slide

NEW RACE ROUTE – 2013 Race

Driving directions :…. From Trinkets & Treasures in Fall City, to US-2 E/Stevens Pass Hwy   Starting from:   33511 – SE Redmond-Fall City Rd 1 Head northwest on WA-HWY 202 West. 2 Turn right onto NE Ames Lake Rd 3 Continue onto Ames Lake-Carnation Rd NE 4 Continue onto NE Carnation Farm Rd 5 Turn leftContinue Reading

425 mile COUP de CASCADES, still up and running.

YES, we are still up and running this year…AUG 17th & 18th 2013. Never fear, we are here to answer any questions you might have about the race. Make sure to sign up early…as the prices will go up this year as the race gets closer to the start date. We are continuing the 425Continue Reading

COUP de CASCADES – Washington State’s only RAAM qualifier

The Coup de Cascades is a 425 mile bicycle race route, through the Cascade Mountains, making it a RAAM qualifier. Race Across America or RAAM as it is known, has been deemed the “toughest bike race in the world”, according to some. RAAM owner and past racer, Fred Bothling visited the Redmond Rousers Rotary Club,Continue Reading

Coup de Cascades, AUG 18th & 19th cycling RACE set to be the best of the best in the Pacific N.W.

This 2nd year we have quadrupled our attendance in our 425 mile RAAM qualifier RACE to 6 people;  4 solo racers and ONE - 2man team. The race route has a C in a circle in bright YELLOW…sprayed onto the road in Chalk paint.  It looks like this: © …. but in YELLOW ( © ) The 6 RACERSContinue Reading

2012 Race Map!

Click here to view this year’s race map!

AFRICA – Children in the Wilderness, Global bike ride Click on the link to see a WONDERFUL program I just learned about. This has been going on for 10 years and is connected to the Paul Newman – Hole in the Wall camps….it is called  CHILDREN IN THE WILDRENESS. Your heart will be touched, as mine was. Thanks, Kelly Kyle  425-765-5433 Co-founder of the Coup de Cascades BIKEContinue Reading

Let’s Get Crackin!

              ATTN: CASCADERS!!! Is your team training NOW for WA State’s only RAAM qualifier?!? ……………….Wait a second, is your team REGISTERED?  If not, click the blue “register” button on the left to reserve your space now!……………… Back to Training!  August 18th will be here before you know it.  NowContinue Reading

Coup de Cascades is now a RAAM qualifier AUG 18th & 19th 2012

It is now official, we are a RAAM QUALIFIER!  Coup de Cascades is on the map, racing forward to a town near you & making history!….come join in the FUN, this year AUG 18th & 19th. We will start again in Redmond and make a big 425 mile circle over 2 mountain passes, all within the 36Continue Reading

Nutrition – Why it really matters!

Nutrition seems to be one of those topics that gets a lot of debate. This and that, good and bad… how much,  how little…    I say, “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!” We have all heard it a thousand times. I guess I am living proof of it. Here’s my story. My story begins like everyone else…..IContinue Reading