Cascade Ultra is ON!

The new 2014 race route has been planned, and with 452 miles of scenic mountain riding, it should prove to be the highlight of the race season for those who ride it! Dates are August 16-17th. For route detail check out THE 2014 RACE MAP.  This year Loup Loup Pass has been added to the route, in addition to Rainy Pass, Washington Pass, and Stevens Pass.

Official Route Map 2014


NEW RACE ROUTE – 2013 Race

Driving directions :…. From Trinkets & Treasures in Fall City, to US-2 E/Stevens Pass Hwy


Starting from:   33511 – SE Redmond-Fall City Rd

1 Head northwest on WA-HWY 202 West.

2 Turn right onto NE Ames Lake Rd

3 Continue onto Ames Lake-Carnation Rd NE

4 Continue onto NE Carnation Farm Rd

5 Turn left onto WA-203 N/Carnation Duvall Rd NE/Fall City Duvall Rd

6 At the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit ontoNE 124th St

7 Turn right onto W Snoqualmie Valley Rd NE

8 Continue onto High Bridge Rd

9 Turn right onto 179th Ave SE/Crescent Lake Rd Continue to follow Crescent Lake Rd

10 Continue onto Tualco Rd

11 Continue onto Tualco Loop Rd

12 Turn right onto Tualco Rd

13 Turn right to stay on Tualco Rd

14 Turn left onto WA-203 N/Monroe Duvall Rd Continue to follow WA-203 N

15 Turn right onto E Main St

16 Continue onto Old Owen Rd

17 Turn left onto Oaks St

18 Turn right onto Woods Creek Rd

19 Turn right onto S Lake Roesiger Rd

20 Turn left onto N Carpenter Rd

21 Continue onto Robe Menzel Rd

22 Continue onto S Granite Ave

23 Turn right onto E Galena St

24 Turn right onto S Alder Ave

25 Turn left onto Menzel Lake Rd

26 Continue onto N Lake Roesiger Rd

27 Turn left onto Woods Creek Rd

28 Turn left onto Oaks St

29 Turn right onto Old Owen Rd

30 Continue onto E Main St

31 Turn left onto WA-203 S/S Lewis St Continue to follow WA-203 S

32 Turn left onto Ben Howard Rd

33 Turn left onto Mann Rd

34 Turn right onto Stevens Ave

35 Turn left onto Sultan Basin Rd

36 Turn left to stay on Sultan Basin Rd

37 Slight right onto Kellogg Lake Rd

38 Turn left onto US-2 E/Stevens Pass Hwy

Arriving at US-2 E/Stevens Pass Hwy

Driving directions to US-12 W


Starting from US-2 E/Stevens Pass Hwy

1 Head northeast on US-2 E/Stevens Pass Hwy Continue to follow US-2 E

2 Take the ramp to US-97 S

3 Turn right onto US-97 S

4 Turn left to stay on US-97 S

5 Turn left onto Smithson Rd

6 Turn right onto Reecer Creek Rd

7 Turn left onto W University Way

8 Take the 1st right onto N Wenas St

9 Turn right onto W 5th Ave

10 Take the 1st left onto N Railroad Ave

11 Continue onto Anderson Rd

12 Turn left onto Damman Rd/Schaake Rd/Umptanum Rd Continue to follow Umptanum Rd

13 Turn right onto Canyon Rd

14 Turn left onto WA-821 N/Thrall Rd

15 Turn left to merge onto I-82 E towardYakima

16 Take exit 31A to merge onto US-12 Wtoward N 1st St/Naches

17 Turn left onto Ackley Rd

18 Turn right onto W Powerhouse Rd

19 Take the 1st left onto S Naches Rd

20 Turn left onto US-12 W

Arriving at US-12 W

Total: 143 mi – about 2 hours 50 mins


Starting from US-12 W

1 Head west on US-12 W toward Jennings Ln

2 Turn left to stay on US-12 W

3 Turn right onto WA-123 N This road may be seasonally closed

4 Turn left onto Mather Memorial Pkwy/WA-410 W Continue to follow WA-410 W This road may be seasonally closed

5 Continue onto Chinook Pass Hwy This road may be seasonally closed

6 Continue onto WA-410 W/SE Enumclaw Chinook Pass Rd Continue to follow WA-410 W This road may be seasonally closed

Arriving at SE 448th St/Roosevelt Ave E

Total: 108 mi – about 2 hours 10 mins

Driving directions to Trinkets & Treasures 33511 – SE Redmond-Fall City Rd, in Fall City, Wa. 98024


Town of Enumclaw. # 4 CHECK IN STATION. – Please Report Times & Info to Kelly on TEXT 425-765-5433 Thanks! 

It’s ok to call and give periodic voice reports too…anytime, let Kelly know how you are doing.

Starting from SE 448th St/Roosevelt Ave E

1 Head west on SE 448th St/Roosevelt Ave Etoward Watson St N Continue to follow Roosevelt Ave E

2 Turn right onto Griffin Ave

3 Turn right onto WA-169 N/Porter St Continue to follow WA-169 N

4 Turn left onto SE 231st St

5 Slight right to merge onto WA-18 E toward N Bend

6 Continue onto Snoqualmie Pkwy

7 Turn left onto WA-202 W/Railroad Ave Continue to follow WA-202 W

8 At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto WA-202 W/SE Redmond-Fall City Rd

Arriving at SE Redmond-Fall City Rd

Total: 35.7 mi – about 55 mins

Coup de Cascades is still ON…with a new Route

NEW UPDATE:  as of Thursday, Aug 15th we are still up and running. The Mud slides in the North Cascades totally wiped out the main road, causing them to close, and us to relocate the route to another part of the state…BUT, it will be a fun adventure, into new territory for all of us.  We are still a RAAM qualifier, so no worries. Someone asked, so I am just reiterating to all of you.

The route is being marked right now and we will have a hard copy cheat sheet, for you, with any updates etc… when you check in on Saturday AM…. and Sunday.  We still have big PROBLEMS on the Active . com sight….so be prepared for a little confusion in the AM, when checking in, till we get it all sorted out. NO worries, we can take a CC on sight, or a check, or cash… We still have spaces open, if you want to race or ride with us, come on down…we will have it all ready to go when you get here.

So solo racers will still need to be in Fall City at 6am for the pre race meeting and their send off at 7am… Double teams will follow, and then quad teams, etc… (see race times under a different tab)

The routes will start and end in FALL CITY, at Trinkets and Treasures – 33511 – S.E. Redmond Fall City Rd, in Fall City, Wa.  98024

For the RIDERS, we will go up & back to Granite Falls for a 100 mile ride on Sunday. The 50 milers will go to Monroe, and then turn around to get their 50 miles in.

For the Racers, 1st we go up to Granite Falls, then head over Hwy 2 to Leavenworth, coming back over Hwy 97 into Ellensburg, Yakima, then into the home stretch to Naches, and over Hwy 12 on the east side of Mt. Rainier, then Enumclaw, Maple Valley, Snoqualmie, and Fall City..

Good Luck to all Racers and Riders…and we will see you this weekend. Please be prepared for any kind of weather…but it looks like it might clear up on Saturday & Sunday for us all.  YEAH!

Please…. Call me if you have any questions.

Kelly Kyle   -   425-765-5433

Executive Director – Coup De Cascades,  2013

425 mile COUP de CASCADES, still up and running.

Cascade Ultra Logo

YES, we are still up and running this year…AUG 17th & 18th 2013. Never fear, we are here to answer any questions you might have about the race. Make sure to sign up early…as the prices will go up this year as the race gets closer to the start date. We are continuing the 425 mile tradition this year with a big Cascade loop, for all you cyclers and racers…and riders. Again our focus is on ERADICATION of POLIO worldwide…and new this year DIABETES awareness.

We will make some small changes to the beginning of the race this year. We will not be starting at Mr. Crampy’s since they have moved…we are still looking for a good location to start. Let us know if you know of a great place that can be a part of this awesome race.

Thanks,  Kelly Kyle – Executive Director…   425-765-5433

Coup de Cascades 425 mile Ulta Marathon cycling RACE…. THE only RAAM qualifier in Washington State.

2013 Coup is AUG 17th & 18th ….Sign up now…

Hi folks…. here we are again…anothBanner-425 (2)er year of racing and riding in the BEAUTIFUL Pacific N.W.  Suit up….helmuts on, let’s ride…. Sign up your friends and ride as a team. Or just be a little crazy…and go it solo the whole 425 miles around the Cascade Mts.

Come enjoy the ONLY ….RAAM ( Race Accross America) qualifier in Washington state… You will love this ravce and our many rides….25, 50 or 100 mile ride for charity….Do it to END POLIO….and to help find a cure for Diabetes.


Kelly Kyle – Executive Director – Coup de Cascades    425-765-5433   for info or questions… or go look us up and LIKE us on Facebook

COUP de CASCADES – Washington State’s only RAAM qualifier

The Coup de Cascades is a 425 mile bicycle race route, through the Cascade Mountains, making it a RAAM qualifier. Race Across America or RAAM as it is known, has been deemed the “toughest bike race in the world”, according to some. RAAM owner and past racer, Fred Bothling visited the Redmond Rousers Rotary Club,Continue Reading

AND….they’re OFF… 2nd Annual Coup de Cascades is underway…

The first solo Racers took off this morning at 7:29 am . Mic Walsh & Larry Denke were smiling and joking as we blew the whistles and gave them a great send off. All 3 vehicles passed inspection and all crews were ready for action bright and early at 6am. The only 2man team, Dave Preston &Continue Reading

Coup de Cascades, AUG 18th & 19th cycling RACE set to be the best of the best in the Pacific N.W.

This 2nd year we have quadrupled our attendance in our 425 mile RAAM qualifier RACE to 6 people;  4 solo racers and ONE - 2man team. The race route has a C in a circle in bright YELLOW…sprayed onto the road in Chalk paint.  It looks like this: © …. but in YELLOW ( © ) The 6 RACERSContinue Reading

Aug 18 & 19 Coup de Cascades Race & Ride; Route updates

Hi folks… due to construction on MANY of the local roads… this will be our new official route this year to start the 425 mile RACE…and the 50 & 100 mile RIDES. Please note that everything this year is an out and back, and all routes to and from Granite Falls are NOW MARKED. So,Continue Reading

AUG 18th & 19th 2nd ANNUAL Coup de Cascades – RACE to END POLIO

DO IT….NOW….the children of the world are hoping YOU will help ……’s time to GET- er- DONE!!!   Aug 18th & 19th, 2012 is coming fast…. your support & money helps to : END POLIO NOW Sign up now on-line  CLICK the registration button on the home page…or on the registration link. We have more info onContinue Reading