Nutrition – Why it really matters!

Nutrition seems to be one of those topics that gets a lot of debate. This and that, good and bad… how much,  how little…    I say, “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!” We have all heard it a thousand times. I guess I am living proof of it. Here’s my story.

My story begins like everyone else…..I ate what ever I wanted….and never really thought about my health…I was healthy, since I was walking upright. RIGHT? WRONG! Turns out, I was a walking time bomb….of sorts. 3 years ago I started feeling sluggish…tired all the time. I started having “female” issues…and went to the Dr. They did some tests…and found out my thyroid was low. So, I started on some pills. Those pills didn’t seem to be working, so we upped the dosage. Better. I asked to up the dosage again, since I still did not feel 100%.  That was better too I was now getting the right dose. So fast forward…to last year.

OCT 2011 I was diagnosed with DIABETES…. “OMG, this is really bad”, I thought. Instantly I decided to change EVERYTHING I was doing, since what I WAS… doing was NOT working. I was NOT healthy….and I was still feeling it. So, I took matters into my own hands, with the blessings of my Dr. too. I quit drinking sodapop. I quit eating stuff that was really bad for me. My triggers were and are CARBS.  I was not getting enough protien and nutrition into me. So, I called a friend of mine, John Cartmell, A certified nutritionist, and asked him to do a work up on me, and what was going on with my diet. He suggested lots of GREAT choices. So, I asked my friend Elizabeth to help me figure out a good ISAGENIX system for me to follow. WHY ISAGENIX???….well, It was Good Wholesome NUTRITION, and it was kind to my dietary needs. It is formulated for people who need a balance and it is easily accessable. It can be delivered right to your front door with the click of a finger from your computer from home.

I now have good results to post. To this date, I have now been on the Isagenix – Nutrition System for 3 months, since Oct 2011. I have officially gone into the “NORMAL” catagory, & I can feel the difference in how I move. Loosing the 21 lbs in 3 months has been a blessing too. I still have 80 lbs to go… but feel so much better after stocking my body with HEALTHY products. I now take time to chat with others about the nutritious and healthy, ISAGENIX products. If you would like to try them, great…I can help with that too. I am an independant distributor, and you can only get these AMAZING products from a distributor. They are not sold in stores. They are FOOD & they do work! They are perfectly balanced for optimal nutrition for each and every person.

I would love to talk to you about the many products if you are interested…if you are planning to race, or just LIVE a HEALTHY lifestyle. Our Isagenix group is interested in a race team at the Coup de Cascades. GET FUELED UP…. If you would like to try a sample…I can help with that too, just let me know. Email me at  or go to my website:


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  1. Kelly Kyle says:

    Thanks everyone for contacting me ….I hope all your results are as great as mine… CHEERS…to your good health. Keep those questions coming…and I will respond. Kelly

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