425 mile COUP de CASCADES, still up and running.

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YES, we are still up and running this year…AUG 17th & 18th 2013. Never fear, we are here to answer any questions you might have about the race. Make sure to sign up early…as the prices will go up this year as the race gets closer to the start date. We are continuing the 425 mile tradition this year with a big Cascade loop, for all you cyclers and racers…and riders. Again our focus is on ERADICATION of POLIO worldwide…and new this year DIABETES awareness.

We will make some small changes to the beginning of the race this year. We will not be starting at Mr. Crampy’s since they have moved…we are still looking for a good location to start. Let us know if you know of a great place that can be a part of this awesome race.

Thanks,  Kelly Kyle – Executive Director…   425-765-5433

Coup de Cascades 425 mile Ulta Marathon cycling RACE…. THE only RAAM qualifier in Washington State.

2 Responses to 425 mile COUP de CASCADES, still up and running.

  1. Janet Christiansen says:

    Hello, I cover ultra cycling events in the western US for Ultra Race News (www.ultraracenews.com). I have not done this event, so I could use some help on covering the ‘action’ next weekend. If you have some ride/race photos and a post race ride report, would you be kind enough to share them with me for my URN post? I would truly appreciate it!

    Thanks and regards,
    Janet Christiansen
    San Diego, CA

    • Kelly Kyle says:

      Hi Janet,

      Thanks…would love to give you photos and a story to report. THANKS…we are doing well up here in the good ole PNW, and looking forward to a great race & rides this weekend.
      Give me your phone #…or call me ( best) to connect before this weekend…ok.

      Kelly Kyle

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